ZHENG, Jianping    
    CHEN, Dexie    
    CHE, James (Jinwen)    
    DONG, Minhua    
    GUO, Jian    
    SHEN, Yanwei    
    WANG, Haodong    
    YAO, Haisong    
    ZHANG, Jun    
    ZHAO, Wenguang    
    ZHOU, Hanqing    
    ZHU, Xincai    
    ZHU, Yanliang    
    MENG, Qinggang    
    SHAO, Wenjie    
    GAO, Yuliang    
    LU, Xiayan    
    HU, Min    
    YIN, Yupeng    
    YAN, li    
    Cao, Changzhen    
    SHAO, Bojun    
    WEI, Hainan    
    CHEN, Yao    
    OU, Yiwen    
    WANG, Jianping    
    ZHANG, Jianying    
    WANG, Grace(xiaolan)    
    WANG, Tao    
    LU, Zhenjie    
    CHEN, Jikai    
    ZHAO, Zhenxin    


     Shanghai Hu Zhong Law Firm (“Hu Zhong”) is a partnership

with  30-odd lawyers. Apart from civil and criminal litigation,

Hu Zhong focuses predominantly on corporate and commercial

legal matters, particularly in the following fields:


     FDI (e.g. WFOE, CJV, EJV);

     Business re-organization, including M&A;

     International trade;

     Employment & Labour law;

     IPR law (trademarks, patents, copyrights etc.);

     Contract law;

     Real estate and construction;

     Financing and insurance;


     Hu Zhong’s experience all covers personal injury claims,

medical claims, insurance, family laws, administrative laws.


     Hu Zhong offers legal services across a wide range of

industries.Over the years, we have assisted our international

clients in launching their PRC projects in the sectors of

environment protection, architecture and construction, hotel

operations, transportation, tele-communications, real estate

development, retails and wholesales, international trade, hi-tech

ventures, advertising, energy and resources, etc.


     Our lawyers are trained to explore diverse and creative legal

solutions for our clients doing business in China.  In addition to

a wide range of domestic enterprises as our clients, our diverse

clientele includes international clients spanning from Western

Europe to the Pacific Rim.




     English-speaking lawyers include Mr. James Che, Mr. Zhu Xincai

and Ms. Hu Min

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